Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary Warangal

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Warengal District, TelanganaEturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest wildlife refuge, located in Eturnagaram village in the district of Warangal in Telangana.

The village of Eturnagaram is nestled in dense forest and is amongst the most gorgeous regions in Telangana.

Location of Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary 
Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, scattered over a total area of 812 sq km, is situated almost 250 km from Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for 10 years and 55 km from Warangal. It was declared as a sanctuary by the State Government of Hyderabad on 30th January, 1952. The sanctuary is home to various types of flora and fauna and is rich in bio-diversity. The lush green vegetation and the serene scenic beauty of the region lure numerous tourists from various parts of the country.

Geography of Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near the Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh border. The sanctuary lies 55 km from Warangal and 250 km from Hyderabad. The nearest railway station are at Kazipet and Warangal, where as the nearest airport is at Hyderabad. The landscape of Eturnagaram Sanctuary is undulating ranging from steep slopes to gentle slopes from west to east. Three-quarters of the region is plain and rest of land is hilly uneven surface. The Godavari River drains the sanctuary and there are many more springs and streams which passes through the fringes of the village. Dayyam Vagu, a perennial water source is also present in the sanctuary.

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Warengal District, TelanganaThe climate is generally hot through out the year and during summer the temperature reaches about 43 degree Celsius. The yearly average rainfall is around 1000 mm. The vegetation at Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is tropical dry deciduous.

Flora and Fauna of Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
A diverse variety of flora and found can be found at Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary. The area is covered with lush green vegetation and contains a number of species of flora such as Bamboo, Maddi, Pterocarpus, Dry Deciduous Teak, Thiruman, Madhuca and Terminalia. Riverine Forest with Anogeissus, Pterocarpus and Buchanania is also found here.

Many species of wild animals are available in Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary. Mammals like Tiger, Panther, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Wolf, Jackal, Wild Dogs, Fox, Sloth Bear, Chinkara, Nilgai, Black Buck, Chowsingha, Cheetal, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Gaur, Wild Boar, Giant Squirrels etc are abundant here. Various reptiles, like, Crocodile, Cobra, Python and Krait are also present in the sanctuary. Numerous species of migratory birds take shelter in the area during mating season.

Tourism of Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
The scenic and tranquil beauty of the dense forest attracts numerous tourists to Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary through out the year. The best time to visit is from October to May. Several rest houses and forest cottages are available for convenient accommodation of the visitors. Sammakka Saralamma Jatara, a biennial festival, is conducted in the sanctuary which has gained much popularity amongst the travellers.

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