Ghanpur (mulug) Group Of Temples Warangal

Ghanpur Group of Temples is the best hidden gem of the Karkatiya Dynasty situated at Ghanpur Mandal at a distance of about 60 Km from the city of Warangal in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.  The place is also known as Kota Gullu. The temple has 22 structures, of different sizes and shape within a doubled walled complex. You will find various architecture styles in all of these temples. The temple is quite similar to the Ramappa Temple of Warangal itself and hence sometimes called as Ramappa’s Twin by few people.

History of Ghanpur Group of Temples

History of the Ghanpur group of temples belong to the Karkatiya Dynasty. Karkatiya Dynasty ruled Warangal from 1199-1260 A. D. The temple was built during the reign of King Ganapatideva, a ruler of the famous Kakatiya dynasty.

Ghanpur, once the citadel of power of the mighty Kakatiya dynasty, was plundered during the invasion of the Giyasuddin Tughlaq in 1323.

In spite of the severe damage the temple survived and even after years of human neglect and nature’s toll the spectacular Ghanpur Group of Temples can still be seen to this day.

Located about 65 km South West of Warangal the Ghanpur Group of Temples is restored by the Andhra Pradesh State Archeology Department.

The dilapidated temple complex, consists of 22 structures, of different shape and size, enclosed within a doubled walled complex.

Sadly the entrance of the Gahnpur Group of Temples is not marked wit a board, depicting the brief history of the structures.

Six small Shiva shrines welcomes one to the ruined complex. In spite of the ruined state the Ghanpur Group of temples seems to a symphony of scattered stones.

The main Shiva Temple at the centre is the prime attraction. Built on a high star shaped platform the roof of the temple have long collapsed.

A sole Nandi Bull, at the centre of the courtyard, remains the only witness of the glorious days of the Kakatiya Dynasty. The main shrine also contains bracket figures of yalis and mandakinis but they lack the grace and beauty of their counterpart in Ramappa.

The East facing main shrine also contains exotic freezes, including a intricately curved granite door frame leading to the inner sanctum. The walls contain several sandstone freezes of elephant and lotus.

The main Shiva shrine is flanked on either side by two structures, to the North lies another Shiva shrine and to the South lies a Mandapa.

The Shiva temple on the North follows the same plan as the main shrine but much smaller in size but is more or less intact.

The structure on the South is a Mandapa. The roof of the mandapa has survived the test of time and remains intricately balanced on tumbling pillars.

Each of the pillar consists of three section, consisting of square, octagonal and circular parts. Some of the squared section contains sculptured panels.

Two sculptures of Shiva and Vishnu, probably excavated from the temple complex, stands guard at the entrance of the Mandapa.

The complex also contains several other structures, including the six minor Shiva Temples at the entrance.

The entire complex is littered with large slabs of sandstones, severely of which contain intricately curved freezes.

Architecture of Ghanpur Group of Temples

As these temples were built in 13th century, the impact of Karkatiyan architecture can be seen, as it was the time of Karkatiyan Rule in Andhra Pradesh. The most famous attraction of Ghanpur Groups of Temple is a temple dedicated Lord Shiva, surrounded by doubled walls. Sabhamandapa entrances, along with the two 'Salabhanjikas' or 'Madanikas' are its popular features. Many figures including Gaja-Kesari which is a half lion  and half human riding on an elephant, Horse-head Lion back on elephant and Hayagriva can be seen by tourists.The pillar has a central ceiling with patma motifs to the south of the temple. You will see amazing rock cut architecture on the ceilings, walls and gateways of these temples. The beautiful designs of flowers and figures have been carved out of solid granite rocks. You can also find Stories from the Shiva Purana engraved on beams above the door of the main temple.

Places of Interest around Ghanpur Group of Temples

Thousanad Pillar Temple
Warangal Fort
Ramappa Temple
Ramappa Lake
Bhadrakali Temple

Temple Timings : 6.00 AM - 6.00 PM (All days including weekends and public holidays)

How to Reach at Ghanpur Group of Temples

Ghanpur Group of Temples is located at a distance of about 60 Km from the city of Warangal and is easily accessible by all means of the transportation. It is suggested to have a vehicle of your own as the frequency of public transport is limited in the area.

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