Kadam Dam, Adilabad

The Kadam Dam or Kadam reservoir Project is constructed over Kadam River at Adilabad District. The dam is built in Peddur village at the place where Godavari River merges with River Kadam.
The river Kadam is a tributary to Godavari river, this project was mainly constructed to support irrigation in the Adilabad district for many mandal. The Kadam dam was constructed between 1949 to 1964, the reservoir initially built to irrigate around 25000 hectares. Currently, the dam is developed to irrigate an anicut of 68000 hectares. The Kadam dam is supplemented by the Sriram Sagar Project and the Saraswati canal in order to stabilize the localized anicut.

The dam’s main purpose is to irrigate close to 25000 hectares in Adilabad district. Also known as the Godavari North Canal project, the structure was built between 1949 and 1965. The dam’s location in the midst of scenic hillocks and greenery makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers. Kadam Dam is also accessible easily to tourists due to its proximity to the Secunderabad-Manmad railway line. According to history, the dam is named after a rushi by the name Kandava who had performed great yagnas here, while it was officially renamed by the government as Kadam Narayana Reddy Project (KNRP) as a tribute to a popular leader of this region. The project serves many mandals through both left and right canals. The left canal serves villages like Pedda bellal, Chinna bellal, Chityal, Kondukur, Kannapur, Moriigudem, Patha kondukur, Uppari gudem, Chinna camp, Perka palli, and other villages of Kadem mandal. The right canal serves Jannaram, Dandepally, Tallapallli, Myadarpet, and Luxettipet among others.

The Kadam reservoir serves for Kondukur, Kannapur, Pedda Bellal, Chinna Bellal, Chityal, Moriigudem, Harizana Wada, Patha Kondukur, Uppari Gudem, Chinna camp, Perka Palli, and other villages in the Kadem mandal. It serves many mandal, like, Jannaram, Dandepally, Myadarpet, Tallapallli, Luxettipet, etc.

Kadam and surrounding villages are nice place to see in the rainy season as those are with full crops. Kadam dam has a beautiful park where visitors can spend their time and have fun, dam site into a beautiful garden and the fantastic scene of raising and gushing water from the gateway of dam is a tremendous experience to view and have fun.

The visiting hours of the dam is between 6:00am to 6:00pm, Adilabad has good accommodation for tourists. The Kadam dam is well connected to all major cities through road and rail. Nirmal town is located at a distance of 40 km from the Dam, the nearest railway station is at district headquarters Adilabad.

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