Makkah Masjid hyderabad

Shahi Masjid is a majestic mosque and popular pilgrimage center located inside the Public Gardens, one of oldest gardens in Hyderabad that was built in 1846 during the Nizam rule.

The last Nizam used to come here with his family members on Fridays and during special festivals like Eid to offer prayers, thus giving the mosque its name, Shahi Masjid or Royal Mosque.
Truly depicting the Shahi architecture which is characterized by arches, domes, columns and minarets, this mosque can accommodate up to 102 worshippers at one time. This mosque has two Niyaz Khanas or kitchens built on either side, constructed to feed the visiting pilgrims and poor.
To understand the beauty of how this mosque used to be, one can visit the Nizam Museum at Purani Haveli where a beautiful model of Shahi Masjid is displayed.

As this mosque lies within the public gardens one can also visit the other prestigious institutions situated here or spend time admiring the beautiful landscaping of surrounding lawns and pathways.
The best time to visit this mosque would be during the Friday prayers.

Located in the heart of Hyderabad, Shahi Mosque is easily accessible by state run buses and taxis.

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