Saroornagar Lake

Saroornagar Lake is one of the artificial lakes of Hyderabad. It was developed in the year 1626 in the area of 180 acres with a depth of 21 feet, during the rule of Quli Qutub Shah for solving the problems like drinking water, agricultural and irrigational needs of the Hyderabad. This is 400 years old lake. Saroornagar Lake is considered as top five water bodies of the city and is next larger than Hussain Sagar Lake.

Saroornagar Lake for more than 350 years served drinking water to the areas near to it, but now it is being used as a cesspool for the storage of domestic garbage and sewage of people of Hyderabad as the population of Hyderabad has grown. HUDA monitors the Saroonagar Lake and is trying to beautify the lake and also constructed a Priyadarshini Park on the other side of the lake and also started the boating facility in the lake. The park is spread over 5 acres of land with lush green grass and made it as amusement park with different play fields and food courts in the park. People of Hyderabad come to this Lake for relaxing just by having some snacks that are available on the wide foot path of the lake and people also come for walking, jogging in the mornings and evenings. It has become the picnic spot for the people of Hyderabad. Because of the excellent view it has got with the birds, the park and its nature, it is attracting the visitors to this place and has become one of the tourist places of Hyderabad.

Timings and other details:                                                                                                    

Better to visit in day times.
No entry fee for Lake.
Entry Fee: Rs 5/- (Priyadarshini Park)
Timings: Priyadarshini Park
9am – 12pm, 4pm – 8pm (weekdays)
9am – 12pm, 3pm – 9pm (weekends)

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