Ashok Sagar, Nizamabad

Starting from the year  2001 the district administration has been making efforts to develop Nizamabad as a major Tourism place, cashing on its beautiful lakes, green forests, historical places and proximity to Saraswathi temple, Basar. The district is being promoted as a “Great Get-away Destination” Many new projects and innovative steps like conduct of a major “Indur Utsav” tourism festival, opening of Heritage Museum, development of Infrastructure facilities, opening up of historical places, bringing focus on to ancient temples and starting of eco-friendly projects have been taken to attract people. Among this development of “Asok Sagar” as an eco-friendly tourist place is a mile stone in the history of Nizamabad.


Located about 7 K.Ms. away from Nizamabad town, the old Jankampet cheruvu (lake) with its foreshore covered with jungle growth, infested with rodents, snakes, filth and garbage has now been converted into an attractive destination. This is situated on the route to the famous Saraswathi temple at Basar from Hyderabad. The transformation in just (6) months from November 2001 to a beautiful rock garden with illuminated rocks and boating facilities by May,2002 has been phenomenal. Asok Sagar now boasts of excellent boating facilities with two (18) seater boats, two (4) seater speed boats, four (4) pedal boats, a restaurant, beautiful rocks, exquisite landscapes and excellent garden.
The old polluting environment has been converted into an aesthetic place blending harmoniously with the beautiful natural settings of huge rock boulders. The fifteen feet marble statue of Godess Saraswathi, in the middle of the lake, gives a breath taking view in moon lit nights. This unique statue kept in a unique location has won many admirers.The pagoda topped, octagonal shaped "Asok Sagar Restaurant" is beautiful because of its shape, size and color! It is a three tier restaurant-- open air restaurant on the top; cozy, glass paneled formal restaurant in the middle and the "water level"  restaurant at the bottom.
 The swing rope way  entry is another USP of the area. There is an amphitheater, with huge rocks forming a magnificant back drop. The Childrens' park  is a huge crowd puller.


A detail plan for developing the Asok Sagar was submitted to Department of Tourism. Government in December,2001 after making preliminary survey of the area the landscaping was taken up. Beautifully paved paths were laid and flower plants were planted, benches were constructed on the tank bund, lighting of the rocks as well as pavement was taken up. The rocks were spruced up without affecting its natural touch. The swampy area around it was leveled and converted it into parking area and entire area was fenced to give it a new identity. Public amenity centers have been developed. The marshy jungle area has now become a major attraction for many tourists. The rocks abandoned by everybody have now become a place to sit and spend time in the evenings.  The construction of the octagonal shaped "Asok Sagar Restaurant" in the water with glass windowpanes all around to give an elegant view of the lake and the rocks around it has enhanced the beauty of the place without affecting its natural touch. The huge rock boulders are illuminated to give a breath taking beautiful view to the visitors.

The transformation of Jankampet lake from a swampy, "out of bound place" for human beings into a beautiful tourist destination "Asok Sagar" attracting many hundreds of tourists is nothing short of a fairy tale. No wonder that Asok Sagar has featured in the official desk calendar of the Department of Tourism, Government and was the official entry from the state for National Tourism awards under the best eco friendly project  category.
The people of Jankampet village is very much interested in development of Asok Sagar as it would bring economic prosperity to the place. A management committee has been formed to oversee the facilities with involvement of local people to make it viable and sustainable. The managing committee is authorized to sub-lease facilities of boating, park and the restaurant. The income generated would be used for pay the electricity charges as well as for maintenance. Local youth have been formed into a group to manage the boating facility.

As a connecting place to Basar and Maharastra large number of people are passing through this route. Pilgrims to Basar from various places are now spending a lot of  time for recreation activities here. People come to have lunch in the shade of the trees enjoying their free time “on the rocks” is a usual scene.

The eco-friendly nature of the area and the natural settings of the rock enhanced by the beautiful illumination has helped the transformation of Asok Sagar into a beautiful tourist destination. The sustainability and viability of the project is by the active involvement of local youth and elected representatives of the village in the management group. The project has a bright future it is on the way to famous Saraswathi Temple at Basar from Hyderabad.

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