Lower Manair Dam -Karimnagar

Lower Manair Dam situated in Karimnagar District. LMD was opened in 1985.Lower Manair Dam Works started in 1974 and ended in 1985.
LMD is one of most famous tourist place in Karimnagar. Lower Manair Dam is located across the Manair River. The construction of the LMD was started in 1974 and was finished in 1985. The maximum height of the dam is around 27 m and the catchment area of the river is close to 6,475 sq km.

Lower Manair Dam can be categorised under Water Gateways and is a popular tourist place in Karimnagar.

The Lower Manair dam has 20 floodgates. And it’s a treat to the eyes to see water gushing out of the gates with it full force, and then becoming one by flowing into the neighboring water bodies. One has to visit this dam during the monsoon season when the water level reaches an optimum, so that they can get a glimpse of this amazing view. The peaceful waters of this dam and its surrounding areas offer a delicious treat to the eyes. Watching this place during sunset is a true bliss. As the golden sun casts its last rays the stretch of water, the whole area acquires a reddish-orange shade, which is a must see in life. The authorities have also introduced boating facilities and tourists can avail speedboats for an added experience.

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