Nagunur Fort and Temples Karimnagar

Tourism Places in Karimnagar is liberally scattered with a generous proportion of architectural splendor. Ruined and renovated architectural marvels have found mention again and again in the leaves of tourist diaries and guide books. The Nagunur Fort and Temples sufficiently support that fact.

Located in the historic town of Nagunur, around 8 km northeast of Karimnagar, a group of ruined temples has attracted tourists attention time and again. The origin and style of these temples can be traced back to the era of the Kalyani, Chalukyas and Kakatiyas. However, it is strongly believed to have been built during 1200- 1300AD under the patronage of the Kakatiyas. At one point of time the place was believed to house around 400 temples. Hence it came to be known as Nalugunovalu (400). This was later changed to Nagunur.

The biggest and the most prominent among these is the triple-shrine temple of Lord Shiva.The temple is made of red stone and comprises three shrines of Lord Shiva. The shrines are placed on a raised pedestal or Upapitha. The most enchanting part of the temple decor is the intricate and detailed sculptures gracing the frames of the doors and the beams resting on the central pillar. The detailing of these sculptures is exquisite. It tends to defy its age. There is one sculpture in particular which finds mention in several places which displays musicians surrounding Gods and Goddesses playing various musical instruments. One is also shown playing the Mrigandam ( an Indian drum).

The main entrance of the temple faces North. The three shrines face the other three directions. The temple lies within the precincts of the Nagunur Fort. The fort was once the seat of power of the Kakatiyas. Its interiors which would once echo the sounds of a lively and bustling city today chants the silent agony of ruins and debris. Several other temples in decrepit state lie strewn on the Telangana State highway from Karimnagar to Rayapatnam.  Buried under administrative delay, the temples, which were once the source of great activity, have today turned into a mute audience waiting for the healing touch.

Special Attractions:
– The ruined temples bearing the splendid motifs are architectural marvels which attract tourists from near and far.
– The Nagunur Fort and the temples don the place with a unique character which is difficult for any tourist to resist.

Distance to Nagunur Fort, Karimnagar:
– Distance from Hyderabad to Karimnagar is 162 Kms
– Distance from Warangal to Karimnagar is 68 Kms
– Distance from Nizamabad to Karimnagar is 147 Km

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