Ramagiri Fort Karimnagar - Ramgiri Khilla

Ramagiri Fort karimagar: Ramagiri Fort or "Ramagiri Khilla", in Karimnagar District of Telangana, is a place on the top of a hillock. It is in a picturesque scene. It gives a great view of the merging of the river s Maner and the River Godavari. The place has an abundance of the ayurvedic herbs and a large variety of flora and fauna.

The Ramagiri Fort is built in stone with a good number of bastions and is spread across a huge area across the hill. Because of the thick greenery and the beautiful view, which is pleasing to the human mind and the eye this place is also called as Aaram-Giri, Hill of rest or leisure.

There are many important sites on the hill fort right from the mythological related places to the recent constructed places by the kings, rulers who ruled this place.

The mythological related places, which attract a lot of devotees, are:

Rama sthapita Lingam: The Shiva lingam which was installed by Lord Sri Rama for his prayers
Foot prints of Sri Rama and Janaki Mata: On the small hillock you can see the impressions of a the steps, which the local people consider to be those of Lord Sri Rama and Sita

Sitamma Kolanu: This is a small pond on the hillock which is considered to be the pond which was built for the usage of Sita

Pits for pasupu kumkuma of Sitamma: These are the small depressions or shallow pits. These were considered to be used by Sita for placing/storing her Saffron and turmeric

Sita Ramalayam: A temple dedicated to Lord Rama and Sita.
The recent historical structures which are still present and whose authenticity can be verified are:

Ruined walls, buildings, bastions, mosques, tombs
Prataparudruni Kota, Horse stable Elephant shed, The prison, a huge dining hall, An enormous Hall, secret passages, narrow paths, guns, cannons, cannon balls
The ruins of Chitrakota, Tratikota, Nimmakota, Nagara khana, ammunition rooms
There are many wells in this place, which have been built by successive ruler at different time. Some of them with the name s they are called now are-Topubavi, Nallakayyabavi, Pasarubavi, Haribavi, Achchammabavi, Ammagaribavi

The Seven gateways, Chowkis and temples.
The fort attracts not only the tourists who come to see the fort but also scores of Ayurvedic doctors, Botany students who collect the different types of herbs, plants that are available here. This place is one the popular picnic spots as well. However, it is not advisable to go around this place after dark because this place is petty popular with the reptiles as well.

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