Sitaram Bagh Temple, Hyderabad

Sitaram Bagh Temple, Hyderabad, TelanganaSitaram Bagh temple is an ancient temple situated in Mangalhat suburb of Hyderabad in the Indian state Telangana. Dedicated to Lord Rama and his wife Sita, the temple is one of the oldest temples devoted to these deities. It spans over an area of 25 acres and has been listed amongst the heritage buildings by INTACH. The temple was constructed in the year 1833 by Puranmal Ganeriwala, who was a banker by profession and a great devotee of the deities. The construction of this temple dates back to the rule of Qutub Shahi Kings.

Deities of Sitaram Bagh Temple 
Sitaram Bagh temple has a main sanctum sanctorum where the images of main deities, Lord Rama and Sita, are installed. The idols are carved in marble. In addition to this, the temple also houses shrines dedicated to Varadarajaswamy, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

Architecture of Sitaram Bagh Temple 
Sitaram Bagh temple has an imposing architecture which exhibits an amalgam of South Indian, Rajasthani, Mughal and European architectural styles. A colossal wall surrounds the temple which rises to a height of 20 feet and gives the temple the appearance of a fort. The major area of Sitaram Bagh temple has an open scrub while the minor area has a complex of temples, residential quarters and samadhis. The courtyard of the temple showcases a unique structure, style and facet which enthral the viewers with its magnificence. The temple has three enormous gateways facing three directions east, west and south. The main gateway is situated on the Mallepally - Mangalhat, embellished with beautiful gopuram resting on two walls. These in turn have balconies having European features. A zigzag path leads to the temple complex.

There is a canopied overhanging balcony exhibiting Rajasthani style which comprises the most noteworthy feature of the temple. Other prominent features of the temple include several inns and rooms with facades decorated with stucco decorations, three step wells and a stone mandapam in South Indian style. A pair of fluted domed pavilions built in Indo-European style also lies there which have been constructed in the memory of Puranmal and his son, Premsukh Dasji. It is said that some of the structures of the temple complex are about 200 years old.

Visiting Information 
Sitaram Bagh temple has a good connectivity of roadways and railways. Nearest railway station to reach the temple is situated in Nampally whereas Sitaram Bagh station is the closest bus stop. 

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