Vikarabad Tourism

Vikarabad is very famous town and a municipality in the Telangana State. Ananthagiri Hills, 6 km from Vikarabad, has Anantha Padnabhanaba Swamy temple. It is one of the big forest area in Ranga Reddy district. It is the place where Musi river starts. There is also a TB hospital located on Ananthagiri hills, the second biggest TB hospital in AP.

Vikarabad is considered a perfect destination where adventure seekers can take up trekking. It is also one of the favourite trekking spots for those who seek adventure close to Hyderabad city. It is considered a thrilling place for Rappelling and Rock Climbing.

There are two different trails for the people visiting here for an adrenaline rush. Vikarabad is surrounded by many small hills, making it convenient for trekking and for enjoying some wild adventures in Vikarabad forest. Tourists enjoy these forest trails by traversing the interior regions of the forest where they can enjoy photographing the panoramic views, fresh water streams and the exquisite greenery.

Tourist Places To Visit In Vikarabad-                                                                          

Ananthagiri Hills

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple

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