Parnasala Information-Bhadrachalam

Parnasala is a significant mythological sightseeing destination of Bhadrachalam. It is also one of the popular villages of Andhra Pradesh known for its ancient tales and beliefs. This village is famous as the place where Lord Rama stayed with his wife and brother during his 14 year exile.

The village has River Godavari flowing at the foot of its elevated land. At this place, there is also a Lord Rama temple. A small hut and foot prints are also seen around the village depicting the traces of incidents of ancient times, when Rama stayed here and his wife Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. There are also hoof marks of the popular golden deer of this mythology along with the wheel marks of the chariot on which Devi Sita was carried away by Ravana. The place which witnessed the sad mood of Lord Rama after this incident is known as Soka Rama.

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