Pranahita Pushkaralu

Pranahita Pushakaralu (merging/confluence of holy rivers) happens once in every 12 years for all the holy rives in India. It is said that a person who takes a holy dip in this river at this time of Pushkaralu is blessed by gods and will be relieved of all his/her sins. Pushkaralu came to the Pranahita river which is in the Adilabad and Karimnagar districts of Andhra Pradesh. In this year Puhskaralu festival for Pranahita river falls in the month of December , i.e from 6th December to 17th December. River Pranahita, River Vynya, River Saraswati merge in River Godavari during this Pushkaralu

Tummidihettl village of Kautala Mandal, Vemanapalli Mandal, Arjunagutta village of Kotalpalli Mandal, Kaleshwaram village of Karimnagar districts form the centre point of the Pushkaralu festival. Pranahita river flows along Tummadihetti, Vemanapalli villages of Adilabad dist, Supaka, Janagaama,Arjunagutta, Aalugama, Pulagama, Sirsa, Annaram,villages of Kotipalli Mandal and merges in River Godavari near Kaleshwaram village which is famous for Kaleshwari Swami temple.

It is said that if a person has a bath in this Pushkaralu and pays his respects to his forefathers who passed away, 3 generations of his forefathers will be clear of their sins.

It is also prescribed in the relics the donations to holy people to be done at this time:

1st Day  - All cereals

2nd Day - Colethes, Salt, Cows

3rd Day - Fruits

4th Day - Oil, Ghee

5th Day - Plough, Cow

6th Day - Stools, Chairs

7th Day - Cereals

8th Day - Holy utensils, Bangles, Flowers, Turmeric, Kumkum,Sarees

9th Day - Things to be used in Yaga s, rudrakha, Money

10th Day - Cow, Land, tila

11th Day - Gold

If all these are followed by someone all his sins will be cleared and gets the blessings of all the gods.

Relics also prescribe that, if one has a bath in this Pushkaralu , then have a darshan of Lord Sangameshware (Mukteshwara) and then prays in the temple of Lord Sri Pada Vallabha Narasimha Saraswati Dattatreya, people who don t have kods will be blesses with Kids, all for other all physical ailments will be relieved

 What to Do at Pranahita Pushkaralu

After having the bath in the river, one should visit Lord Ganapati, Nandi, AshtaBhairava, Bindu, madhava, Meena roopa Vishnu (Lord Vishnu who is int he form of a Fish), Nava Grahas and then pray to the God Kaleshwara. There are 2 Shiv Lingas on the same pedestal, one shiva Linga denoted Lord Yama and other Lord Shiva. After praying Lord Yama, then only one should Pray Lord Siva. These Lingas should be showered with the water from the river and then with Panchaamrit to get all the divine blessings

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