Kala Ashram, Adilabad

Situated on the silent and serene Tantoli Road, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, Kala Ashram is one of the most unassuming yet very happening places. Kala Ashram founded in 1979 by Shri Ravindra Sharma fondly known as ‘Guruji’ is a melting pot of culture, heritage, india’s rural social-economics, art, science and anything that is associated with India and the way of life that was naturally led by people here.
The Kala Ashram has been founded on the four principles or four pillars of life on this land of Sanatan Dhrama of Bharat that is Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (Principles of Life, Economics, Asthetics and Liberation). Here research is being continuously being done to understand and implement the way of life led by people in India vis-a-vis economics, philosophy, culture, heritage and science.
The Indian village was a self reliant unit where every individual was living prosperously. The effort here is to understand how the people in the villages used to lead a life of self reliance and honour. The secret according to Shri Ravindra Sharma lies in the 49 Hindu Samskaras (Sacraments). These unique processes which were part of life played a very key role in the way of life.

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