Kentu Masjid Nizamabad

          Kentu Masjid is an important place of worship for the Muslims of Nizamabad and is also an important landmark of the town since it is located right in the heart of the region. Every day, many Muslim devotees throng to the Masjid early in the morning, afternoon and during the evening to offer ‘Namaz’ or prayer to the Prophet. The Masjid is an excellent example of Persian style and architecture since it borrows heavily from Persian architecture. However, it also has glimpses of Indian architecture keeping in mind the taste of the Nizams who got the masjid constructed as a gift for the Muslims in the area. This place of worship has been built using fine Italian marble and has many artifacts on display that are from Persia. On the walls of the Masjid, one can read the teachings of the Prophet that have been inscribed in the Persian language

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