Purani Haveli Hyderabad

Purani Haveli (literally meaning 'Old Quarters') was originally intended to serve as the residence of Mir Momen, the Peshwa (Prime Minister) of Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in the late 16th century. It came into the possession of Nizam III in the 18th century.

He had first decided to refurbish it to act as the quarters of his son Sikandar Jah. When Sikandar Jah made up his mind to shift to the Khilaurat complex, this place acquired the nickname of Purani Haveli.

This architectural monument embodies the amalgamation of 18th century European facades and traditional Indian courtyards. Two annexes adjoin the northern edges of the parallel wings.

18th century European style is displayed in the main building which contains several interesting specimens of antique furniture.

You may observe two vast courtyards encircled by rooms and deep verandas with semicircular European arches. These were constructed during the tenure of the Asaf Jahis. Certain rooms retain their tiled walls and mosaic flooring unimpaired, and their variety of hues are reminiscent of the glorious past.

A library and the Mukarram Jah Technical Institute also constitute part of the complex. A museum exhibiting the seventh Nizam's collection of gifts is also present.

Timing : 10:30 am to 5.00 pm
Open : Daily (except on Friday)

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